My story


My name is Niina. I am Himalayan Singing Bowls Practitioner, Sound Therapist, Yogi, film Producer, Life Enthusiast and Traveller.  

I studied with 5 different master and for today I’ve done over 400 individual sessions, and also running monthly group sessions. I’ve performed at DrumCamp and AwakenGoddess festivals in the UK, and planning to participate in many more.

I grew up in Estonia in a family of 6 children,  and for the last 8 years I’ve been living and working in London. Let me tell you story how I got on my journey and how Singing Bowls came into my life. 

Sounds surrounded me from my childhood and for as long as I remember I was always singing and hungrily learning new melodies. I finished music school, with the class of piano and beginner guitar. I also sung in choires and school jazz band.

My first encounter with Singing Bowls happened in 2014 in  London at Oasis of Sound workshop. It was a beautiful experience, where a Singing Bowl was placed on my stomach. I remember feeling those strong vibrations traveling through my body andsound calming my mind. Not knowing much about SB,  I’ve just put them on my list To Get, to buy it someday.  Then a year later, one of my acquaintance happened to actually do therapies with SBand  she kindly did it for me, which was fantastic experience and my interest grew.  In January 2016 I went to 2 days seminar with Viktor Ogui, who is my first teacher,  to learn about SB. I’m most grateful to Viktor for opening the knowledge and channel for me, as my Practitioner Journey started with him.

Since then, SB have been changing my life in a beautiful profound way, bringing me on the journey full of Love and Healing, that is yet to be discovered. I got so mesmerised by their powerful vibrations and cosmic, hypnotically calming sounds. I’ve started practising, getting more in tune and perfecting the techniques.

In October 2016 we went to Nepal to study with three Nepalese masters- Santa Ratna Shakya, Sudeep Lamsal and Shree Krishna Shahi learning many new techniques and getting deeper understanding.  In autumn 2017 I’ve studied with Anne Malone to compose Sound baths, using other instruments and voice tuning techniques.

In August 2016, in collaboration with PrimeCut Productions (director Natalia Lavrova),we started shooting “Himalayan Singing bowls Revelations”  first in Nepal, and then continued in the UK, USA, Portugal and Russia. In addition to masters mentioned above, we met and interviewed greatest masters like Frank Perry, Mitch Nur, Peter Effenberger, David Gibson etc.

I feel responsible and grateful to the Universe to be doing this wonderful project, that I hope will raise awareness amongst people for their benefits- more healthy and happier lives. Our film is for people who are passionate about well-being and self-development. We believe that Sound and vibration, particularly of singing bowls, have tremendously healing and relaxing effect on people’s body and mind.

I’m always happy to answer questions.