People’s experiences

“Niina and Singing Bowls have cured me!! It sounds fantastic but it is true. I had a stroke 2 years ago was in a coma and left with severe damage to my body. My right side was virtually in operable and I had severe pain in my limbs 24/7, like having them sawn off without anaesthetic. Months of treatment by Niina and he pain is gone, I am able to walk unassisted, my speech is restored, I have balance back and I feel alive….Literally I am back from the dead. When I left hospital the doctors and therapists gave me little chance of a full recovery. Due to Niina and her Singing Bowl treatments I am a long way back to Normal…She is inspiratiional…” Stewart Sr Clair Pearce, London,  Aug 2017 Presenter/Producer, The Way Forward

“Just had Singing Bowls therapy with Niiina few days ago. Very impressed by power of the sound which can reach every cell in a body and make it vibrate with specific therapeutic frequencies. The session is really relaxing and it brings you to mediative state. Felt much calmer day after and my back pain went away. Definitely can recommend it to everyone!” Alexander, 30y, London, March 2017

“I want to thank Niina for Sound healing treatment. It was an unexpected mind blowing experience. The sound and vibration of the bowls has carried me very far in the depths of my subconscious.  It is not only deep physical relaxation but movement the consciousness to the far dark side of emotionally charged circumstances, transforming them and finding new solutions. It would be great do draw a mandala after the session or write down a key answers on the recorder because next day this important info can disappear. I wish good luck Niina in her great journey!”   Alex, 30 y, London, December 2016

“I want to say Thank you Niina for her care and this amazing experience of 7 singing bowels treatment!!! By the beautiful Christmas tree!!! It was a very different experience, first it was a little bit unsettling for me as my mind was present and registering every move but than… all of a sudden i didn’t even notice how and when i fell into somewhere that only the pain in my bone of a head (i denied the pillow that Nina kindly suggested me) it brought me back to awareness but yet it was a strange type of awareness as i felt i was in this big space in me that was open and spacious and this sounds that where touching some of my soul strings or muscles that where at last looked after and at last were found!!! Thank you. After effect .. lost sense of time:)) and total relaxation!!! And this feel of someone care about you!! That was priceless.. that was like a big drop of elixir that healed my heart… a little massage on my face and head just was a big drop of happiness and total enjoyment!!. Thank you dear fairy !!! With magical bells that could bring to another world!! Loved it.. wanted never to end..” Yulya, 27y, London, December 2016

Stewart telling how his stroke went away with Singing Bowls

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