Sound Session

About Singing Bowls Therapy

Singing Bowls Therapy uses the energy of musical sound waves applied directly to the body to produce physiological and psychological effects. Sound therapy research has shown that different sound pulses stimulate different brainwave centers. Further, nerve bundles in our spine transmit vibrational sensory data to our brain stem and limbic system (emotional processing center). The vibrational signature of the Himalayan Bowls activates the relaxation response, naturally supporting disease fighting immune cells while reducing the stress response. Less mental and emotional stress in the body reduces pain, too. When placed on or near the body, the sound vibrations are transmitted directly into muscles, blood, organs, tissues, and cellular memory. Thus, the body’s natural healing potential is optimized through sound vibration.

Who it is good for:

– Anyone who is tired, stressed and looking for inner peace and physical energy balance.
– People who suffer from bad sleep, insomnia, depression.
– People who just had injury/surgery and want to reduce the pain and recover faster.

General effects:
Deep Relaxation (physical & emotional)
Release of blocked emotions Improved sleep
Lowered blood pressure
Reduced pain
Accelerated healing of wounds/injuries

Improved pre-and-post surgical outcomes
Enhanced mental acuity
Meditation and finding your own peace



GROUP SESSION. Akashic Sound Journey

Bath yourself in divinely calming and purifying sounds and vibrations of Himalayan SingingBowls. Relax and find your inner balance, travel through sound within yourself to manifest your desires and find answers to questions.   

You will lay down comfortably on a yoga mat, cover yourself with a blanket or something to keep warm. We do Guided Meditation in the beginning, then just relax and allow your mind and heart follow Akashic Sound, wherever it takes you. Allow deep relaxation to penetrate to every single cell of your body.    Where: at different venues, see events section.

Group:  10-40 people, any age welcome.    Price: £25 per person





Session combines different techniques: Hot water, Contact Method (singing bowls on the body) and Sound Bath.

Although I have a certain structure, my approach is intuitive and very individual. Together with you we will work on balancing subtle energies of your etheric body and apply those healing vibrations to your physical body, concentrating on specific places, if there is an injury or physical pain. Tea & chat at the end. 

Length: 2 hours        Price: £150







This is a Contact Method – Vibroacoustic massage with Singing Bowls. I use my Full moon Bowl to massage your whole body, step by step. Vibration goes deeply inside your body, travelling to where the physical and emotional blockage is, releasing the pain and letting it go. Shattering every cell & molecule, aligning it to a healthy vibration.  Back side: from neck to lower back, then backside of both legs, up the spine, both arms. Front side: from upper chest down to stomach, then both legs, back to stomach and chest, then both arms and hands, and finish at your heart centre. What to wear:  a t-shirt and shorts or trousers, that are made of natural fabric like cotton or something similar, and have no zips or buttons.  

Length: 1 hour.    Price: £100



Beautiful relaxation with deep trance state brain activity. Bliss and joy to your heart! I will surround you with Singing Bowls to balance your life centres, chakras. You will find yourself in the cocoon of vibrations and cosmic sounds that will penetrate inside your physical body.    

Length: 1 hour  Price: £100


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